Less hassle. More boating.  

The SmartBoat One from Sensar Marine is the most complete security system for your boat. This allows you to remotely monitor your boat for several essential points such as location, water level in the bilge, activity of the bilge pump, movement, temperature and battery voltage. The system can be read very clearly in the accompanying app and alarms are sent via SMS. With the SmartBoat One you can leave your boat behind with peace of mind. Even on berths without surveillance or when you are at anchor.

SET SmartBoat One module incl. accessories for installation.

SET SmartBoat One module incl. accessoires voor installatie.


  • SmartBoat One module
  • Suitable for 12 & 24 Volt /Voor 12 & 24 Volt 
  • Built-in battery /Ingebouwde batterij (40 days)
  • Water level module / Waterpeilmodule (1,5 m)
  • Wiring harness / Kabelboom (2 m)
  • Mounting bracket /Montagebeugel 
  • Instruction card / Instructiekaart
  • Mounting screws / Montageschroeven
  • Double-sided tape /Dubbelzijdige tape
  • Cleaning cloth / Reinigingsdoekje 
  • Connector bilge pump / Verbinder bilgepomp 
  • T-junction wire / T-splitsingsdraad 
  • Cable ties / Kabelbinders
  • 2 year guarantee / 2 jaar garantie

You need a subscription for this product

Voor dit product moet u een abbonement afsluiten

This product can only be used in combination with a subscription

GPS Location

The module is equipped with GPS. If you are at the same location for longer than 15 minutes, this location is recorded by the SmartBoat one. A zone is created with a radius of 150 m around your boat. When the boat leaves this zone, you will receive an alert via SMS and a notification in your app. This function can easily be switched off in the app.


The water level in the bilge is constantly monitored by the supplied water level module. You can read the water level in the app. At 10 cm of water in the bilge you will receive a warning from the system (SMS). When the water level rises to 14 cm you will receive an alarm (SMS). You can view the history of the water level in the app 30 days ago.  


The device has an integrated accelerometer that registers the G-forces that the boat constantly experiences. When the boat is quietly docked or on still water, you will see a stable gauge of 1G. When the boat has been in use or in a storm, the app will show the impact the boat is experiencing from the waves. Measured values: 0g tol 8g

Battery voltage

The system can be used for both 12 and 24 Volt batteries. It is possible to monitor 2 batteries. When only 1 battery is present, connect only this one. The app records your battery voltage and makes a table of the history. This gives you a good overview of the status of your battery (s). When the battery (s) is disconnected, you will receive a notification in the app and an alarm by SMS. The built-in backup battery keeps the system online for 40 days after battery power failure.


The temperature is measured in the water level module. Sensor 1 registers the temperature of the bilge water. Sensor 2 registers the room temperature. This allows you to react in time when there is a risk of freezing. When the water temperature in the bilge is 1 degrees, you will receive a warning. You will receive an alarm at a temperature of -2. The app also creates a table of this in which you can view the history.


Visualize your current trip and see the history of previous trips. This feature is also very useful for boat rentals. (Multiple boats possible on the app)

Other important functions

The app keeps a 30 day log of all parameters and a complete overview of the boat's data in the charts and charts. All of these parameters give you critical information to make planning and preparing your next boat trip easier. SmartBoat One works on an internal battery that has a battery life of 40 days. Due to the connection to the battery, it is charged every time the boat is in operation or connected to shore power. In other words, the device battery does not require a separate charge or additional maintenance. In the accompanying app there is the possibility to register multiple boats.